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First step to PBA resumption? Ginebra Assistant Richard del Rosario proposes 'Quarantine Cup'

by Reynald Magallon, May 22, 2020 12:23pm

The PBA has been on hold for three months already and it seemed that it will still take time before the Philippine Cup will be back in action. However, the league and a number of coaches have been optimistic that the season will push through even though a possible cancellation of the season looms if the situation with the COVID-19 Pandemic worsens in the next few months.

Major sports leagues overseas though are already preparing for a possible return and the PBA, likewise is hoping to restart the season even by just playing one conference.

With that, the Ginebra San Miguel assistant coach Richard del Rosario, in a nine-minute explainer video addressed to the PBA Board, proposed a way to have the league back and finish the season in just two months which he called Quarantine Cup.

Under Del Rosario's proposal, the PBA may return once NCR is put under General Community Quarantine or the Modified GCQ. There will be rapid testing conducted for players and team staffs.

Those who will test positive will be sent home or to the hospital while those who will turn out negative will be reporting to the team's quarantine facility where the team will be quarantined for 14 days. It will also serve as a training camp for the team while strict travel and health guidelines will be imposed.

According to Del Rosario, teams can practice twice a day in that two weeks span to cover a month-long worth of practice hours.

The tournament will follow the format of single round-robin elimination, top two teams will have the twice to beat advantage in the quarterfinals while the bottom four will be eliminated. Other teams who will qualify in the playoffs will be playing in Best-of-3 series. Semifinals will be a Best-of-5 affair while the Finals will be a Best of 7.

The PBA will then play four games every day in two venues so games can be simultaneously done. With this, Del Rosario expects to end the elimination round in just 17 days.

Del Rosario's mock schedule for the elimination games. Photo screen grabbed from Del Rosario's video.

"Ibig sabihin po nito may mga teams po tayo na magallaro ng mga back-to-back games or back-to-back-to-back games. Ganyan din po ang mga nangyayari sa mga teams sa NBA, they play back-to-back games with travel," explained Del Rosario.

Games will be played in alternative venues. Del Rosario suggested the Upper Deck Sports Center,  Moro Lorenzo Gym, Ronac Art Center, Azure Residences and Hoops Gym as possible game venues.

The games will still be broadcasted through broadcast and replay centers similar to the Southeast Asian Game coverage. The games will be called off-tube while reporters can also cover the games in the broadcast center where post-match interviews will be conducted.

People during the games will also be minimized.

The proposed number of  man power during the games. Photo screen grabbed from Coach Del Rosario's video.

Del Rosario however clarified that it's just a suggestion for the league to salvage the 45th season but he's leaving the decision to the PBA Board and Commissioner Willie Marcial.

" I have prepared this proposal knowing that it may be full of loose ends and probabilities, that's why I'm offering it to the better judgement of the members of the PBA board to decide if there's even one aspect in this proposal that we can build on," said Del Rosario.

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