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Perasol hopes for a level playing field in collegiate basketball recruitment

by Niel Victor Masoy, May 15, 2020 4:54pm

The recruitment of players in the Philippine collegiate basketball scene has been so competitive in the recent years.

Schools, especially the members of the University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP), have been allocating abundant resources and even going abroad to find that player they wish to recruit.

University of the Philippines (UP) head coach Bo Perasol is just one of those guys who has been active when it comes to recruitment, but he was also first to admit that the recruitment scene in collegiate basketball is going out of hand.

"I’ll be going out of a limb if I say this but yes, it’s really going out of hand. And I’m part of that also," said Perasol in the Hoops Coaches International webinar on Thursday.

With this, Perasol hopes for that day to come that even schools which do not have the luxury of financial resources can be competitive in player recruitment as well.

For the 48-year-old mentor, this will only make the UAAP, NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association), and the other collegiate leagues balanced and even more competitive.

"Sakin kasi I’m looking forward na dapat hindi lang ‘yung mga well-funded teams ang magkaroon ng pagkakataon to recruit para magkaroon talaga ng balance at magandang competition ang UAAP or NCAA or whatsoever. It's also a reflection of how the pro league right now, Kung sino yung mas may pera sila rin yung more on talent. That's the reality," he remarked.

"One way or another that the people that have a hand in managing all of these could see na we could find a way on how we could strike balance. Ang importante lang magkaroon ng balance in terms of recruitment, in terms of playing. I think that basketball is going to be better in our country."

Perasol himself knows what it likes to be a 'last option' for players when he started coaching for his alma mater that is UP.

Thanks to their recent success of going out of the cellar and becoming a legitimate Final Four contender in the UAAP in the recent years, Perasol's Fighting Maroons have become one of the prime destinations for elite high school prospects and even transferees like Ricci Rivero and Kobe Paras.

Add that to the fact UP got a backer as wealthy as Robina Gokongwei-Pe, the eldest daughter of billionaire John Gokongwei.

"That's one of the changes our program is enjoying right now. As you said, ang term dyan is we become the destination of players because years before that they won't even think about going to UP. Ngayon, a lot of them are saying 'coach itong star player ng team would like to be part of our program'," shared Perasol.

"In fact, marami sa kanila ang hindi na namin nai-entertain because we have our own list, we have our own roster na pinupursugi na players. That's the result of our success na Hindi Ka na last option."

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