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TNT stockpiling guards? Dickel, Ravena explain

by Reynald Magallon, January 24, 2020 5:09pm

The recent player movements of the TNT Katropa have raised some eyebrows after acquiring a number of guards in preparation for the 2020 PBA Season.

The Katropa have acquired Simon Enciso from Alaska and Ed Daquioag from Rain or Shine via trades. They also picked up Jjay Alejandro from the free agency and signed draftees Kib Montalbo and Val Chauca.

The five new additions of the Katropa will be joining the already loaded guard rotation of TNT that include Jayson Castro, RR Pogoy, and Ray Parks Jr.

TNT head coach Bong Ravena however explained that while they have signed these  players that doesn't mean that they will be included in the final line up. Ravena shared that the team is still evaluating its roster.

"We still have to evaluate everything, just because we're getting all these guards, already means they're going to be part of the team. It's not guaranteed yet that they'll be signed and become part of the team, we still need to evaluate and see who fits the team," explained Ravena after the team's practice on Wednesday.

Ravena bared that they are still open for trades and he's hoping to get a chance to land players who will be a big help for their Philippine Cup campaign.

"We're still evaluating the team, hopefully we can come up with new players or a trade that will help us going into the All-Filipino conference," he said.

Team consultant and assistant coach Mark Dickel echoed Ravena.

"I'm just evaluating our people, I don't really know who's gonna end up making it. For me I'm just interested in trying to see how the players will fit on what's going on," said Dickel while emphasizing that they're just trying to maximize their chances land available players who can become a good fit to their team.

"There's a lot of players that I liked when I look at other teams and they became available, so I just wanted to see how they would play when they came here," he added.

While half of the current line-up of TNT being guards and wingmen, Dickel isn't exactly keen about bringing in a big man although he said it would be great if a big man would be available for the team.

The focus right now for Dickel is to get the best available talent and upgrade the team.

"It would be great, but that's not really my thought process and there's only a few big man that are really good, so for us it's more about trying to get the best players with what we got and upgrade the talent on the team and try to do what you're doing better. "

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