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After registering just an assist in first two games, Brownlee responded with near triple-double in Game 3

by Reynald Magallon, January 13, 2020 12:55pm

Ginebra San Miguel import Justin Brownlee was one rebound and one assist away of recording his first triple-double in their Finals series and that came as a respond after head coach Tim Cone talked to him after registering one assist in the past two games.

Brownlee only had an assist in Game 1 and got no dimes in Game 2 in Lucena. Game 3 however was a different story asthe Kings resident import turned to his teammates more dishing out nine assists to go along with his 24 points and nine rebounds.

"Coach told me that I only have one assist the past two games and (I'm) averaging about six or seven, I really want to focus on trying to get guys going, try to get guys some open looks, always try to focus on defense," said Brownlee who admitted he was nlot aware of the stat until Cone told him in practice.

While Brownlee said there was no conscious effort to rack up his stat in the assist department, he came in to the game ready to make plays for his team.

"(My mindset) is to just come in and make plays for my teammates and get guys going," he said.

"It's something I tyr not to really try to focus on. I do love getting my teammates get open shots and things like that but I just try be aggressive and just try to take whatever the defense gives me," said the Kings resident import.

Meanwhile, Cone explained that it wasn't really about Brownlee not making the passes but it was more like the Meralco defense containing Brownlee's playmaking but clogging the lanes for penetrations and defending the passing lanes.

"Meralco is keeping us out of rhythm and the ball wasn't moving like the way we see it move," said Cone,

"Meralco has done a very good job of not allowing Justine to create by breaking down the defense, they stayed in front of him. They used Durham as the main weapon against him and they're just not giving him the penetration," explained Cone.

While the ball moved better for the Kings in Game 3, it was their defense that paved the way for Ginebra accordin to Brownlee.

"I think it was our defense keying our offense we came out and get some stops early adn we're able to get out and run," he said.

" We always want to just focus on our defense hopefully that can creat some momentum for us."


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