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Cone thrilled to have premiere bigs in his 'powerhouse' Gilas team

by Reynald Magallon, December 06, 2019 12:57pm

Gilas Pilipinas head coach Tim Cone was just thrilled to have many bigs at his disposal in his Gilas team which he coined as a powerhouse line-up.

Cone wasted no time exploring the possible combination for frontline that features towering trio of June Mar Fajardo, Japeth Aguilar and Greg Slaughter. Also in his frontline rotation were Christian Standhardinger, Troy Rosario and Vic Manuel.

"It keeps everybody fresh, I'm telling our bigs you're only be out there for four to six minutes so run the floor. June Mar can't sit there constantly running the floor up and down because he's gonna play 35, 40 minutes and he needed to conserve his energy. Same with Greg, same with Japeth. We just told them just go up and down the floor play hard as you can," Cone said after his Gilas squad walloped the Singapore side, 110-58 in a full display of dominance in their debut.

Cone also shared that they have planned the combinations for their bigs depending on how they plays.

The veteran mentor started the game with Standhardinger at the center and Aguilar playing the four position. He then played Fajardo and a stretch four in Rosario together while putting in a dominant inside prescence with Manuel and Slaughter both patrolling the paint.

"The beauty of this team is the guy who comes in for the guy is just as good as that guy. There' no fall off or anything. Our bigs are still bigs," stressed Cone.

"We like the combination of Christian and Japeth playing together. We like the combination of Troy and June Mar playing together, it's kinda like June Mar and Arwind. June Mar has the compatibility to the guy who plays like that and Greg and Vic, we think it's a good combination. So we're kinda meshed up together well," said Cone.

Despite the rousing performance in their first game in the SEA Games, Cone however believes there's still a lot of potential for the team which they look to develop in the coming games.

"It's fun coaching such a powerhouse team, no doubt about it but I don't think we played our best basketball tonight. We weren't smooth offensively. We had to make an adjustment defensively at the half time," Cone said.

"I think I honestly, I believe we'll get better and better as the game go along. We get more comfortable with each other but you can see the display ofthe talent out there on the floor. Guys can shoot it. Guys can push the ball down the floor."


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