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Perfect gift ideas for your hoops crazy loved ones

by Courtside Philippines, December 23, 2019 1:17pm

It always seemed hard to think of a gift for your loved ones everytime this time of the year approaches. While there's always the thrill and glee wrapping and giving gifts as well as receiving and opening one, it always seemed that the most difficult part is choosing what gift suits best to the one who will be receiving it.

So to save you the hassle of thinking, here's some gift ideas that will surely be loved especially by your hoops crazy loved ones. 

Gilas merchandise

This basketball crazy nation just couldn't help but to go gaga over its national team. Gilas has reclaimed it lost glory and came to relevance once again not just Asia but in the World stage this past decade. So a Gilas Pilipinas merchandise, may it be a shirt, hoody jacket or jersey will be a jewel for any Pinoy hoop fan. Finding one will not be a problem as well as a number of sports apparel stores have it as one of their most sought-after items.

Favorite-team jerseys

Wearing the jersey of their most beloved teams is like wearing diamonds for the most rabid hoops fan. A Kobe Bryant Lakers jersey, Steph Curry GSW jersey or even a Ginebra jersey of the most iconic figure in Philippine basketball, Robert Jaworski or an SMB jersey of the most dominant player to ever graced the PBA court, June Mar Fajardo, name it and surely, every legitimate Filipino hoop fan will go crazy over it.

Good thing, PBA jerseys replicas are now made available for the market while NBA jerseys can be bought through a number of stores online.

And oh, a signature from his favorite player  will also add a ton of value to it.


If your budget is a little bit more flexible, then you cannot go wrong buying your basketball crazy love one a basketball sneakers. Maybe a little bit pricey as compared to the other gifts but it won't really matter if you want to see his face shocked and gleeing over his most dreamt basketball shoes.

These holiday season may also be the best time to pull off such surprises as the basketball Gods have casted their blessing upon sports lovers with a number of sports shoes and apparels stores launching their year-end sales. Perfect for a shoes shopping spree!

Sports Gear

Speaking of sale and shopping spree. You might also want to complete that basketball get up with their gears, especially if the one who will be receiving the gift is a basketball fan who loves to mimic their hardcourt idol's signature moves - and of course their get up.

Kobe's arm sleeves, a young Lebron James headband or maybe even SMB's Arwind Santos' neon green gears, those will surely make your basketball geek friend turn heads every time he checks in on the court.

Compressor shirts and other sports undergarments will also be a valuable gift.


A cool-looking sneakers are best partnered with fancy socks. Giving good designed socks, better yet personalized one is a perfect gift and could be the cherry on top of that basketball get up.


A basketball player without a basketball is like an archer without a bow and arrow or a car without the wheels. Or maybe in Fred Panopio's iconic song, a "kawawang cowboy, may baril walang bala." Get the analogy?

The sport is basically everywhere in the country, so finding a court to play isn't really hard. Whether in a makes shift basketball ring along the crowded streets or the most luxurious basketball gyms in the city, a basketball player just cannot live without a ball. It's 'ball is life' after all.

Come to think of it, it's not really hard to find the perfect gift for your basketball crazy loved-ones. May it be your friend, you boyfriend, your father, or your titos or lolos, the culture of the game was just ingrained deep to our veins that any gifts that relates to the it will surely bring wide smiles to those loved ones of yours.

And of course, it's the thought that counts the most!

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