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Cone thrilled about the possibilities with Fajardo finally on board for Gilas

by Reynald Magallon, October 11, 2019 4:51pm

Gilas Pilipinas head coach Tim Cone was just thrilled to have June Mar Fajardo in the national team practice and he was excited about the possibilities that he can do with the team especially that the five-time MVP now on board after missing the first day of Gilas practice

"June Mar was here today. It was great to see June Mar. He just makes the team look different. He's out there he just makes everything look different," said Cone.

Cone was actually all praises for Fajardo and commended at how the 6'10 center was able to pick up the plays in a short amount of time.

"I only instructed him one and all he did is watch what everybody else are doing and  he picked it up just like that. His basketball IQ is just off the charts, it's amazing," Cone said of the Cebuano gentle giant.

"He is just a huge prescence. He's a confidence builder, you had morale and you just build the confidence. There's a line-up out there, I think it was Troy, Jayson, June Mar, Stanley and Matthew Wright and we are running our offense and I was like 'wow look at those guys move. I mean incredible talent out there. Again, their basketball IQs are off the charts," Cone shared after their Thursday practice.

With Fajardo in the practice, Cone and his coaching staffs were just thrilled to explore the endless possibilities of playing him and the rest of the talent in the Gilas pool

"Troy is really a good compliment to June Mar in terms of what we hope to do with June Mar and we’re just really beginning. We’re just barely printed the foundation of our continuity offense, we still have sets that we have to add for June Mar. We envisioned a lot, it’s just a matter of prioritizing what we can get done. But we’re all excited."


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