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USA still top basketball country in the world, according to FIBA rankings

by Jim Lemuel Wilson, September 19, 2019 10:10pm

Despite their disappointment in the 2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup in China, the United States of America is still the number 1 team in the world, according to FIBA rankings.

The USA topped the latest rankings released on Thursday (Philippine time) with 786.4 current points despite finishing seventh in the World Cup. World Cup champion Spain, meanwhile, is breathing at the necks of the Americans with 731.5 points at second place while Australia rose to the third spot with 673.6 current points from their previously 11th ranking.

Argentina also moved up a step with 670.5 points while France (5th, 665.4 points) and Serbia (6th, 661.6 points) both fell two notches. Completing the top 10 are Greece (7th, 656.4 points), Lithuania (8th, 643.9), Russia (9th, 606.4), and Czech Republic (10th, 696.8).

Coming next are Brazil (11th, 593.4), Italy (12th, 593.3), Poland (13th, 583), Croatia (14th, 524.7), Turkey (15th, 524.6), Slovenia (16th, 513.4), Puerto Rico (17th, 506.8), Germany (18th, 501.4), Dominican Republic (19th, 494.3), and Venezuela (20th, 482.1).

Canada (21st, 458), Iran (22nd, 443.7), Nigeria (23rd, 441.4), New Zealand (24th, 425.5), Mexico (25th, 4117), Montenegro (26th, 392.5), China (27th, 390.9), Latvia (28th, 381.5), Ukraine (29th, 361.9), and Korea (359.5) are also ranked ahead of the Philippines, which stayed at the 31st spot with 352.5 points.

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