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Steph Curry on Kevin Durant’s transfer to Brooklyn: “You’ve got to be happy about that for him”

by Jim Lemuel Wilson, August 15, 2019 5:48pm

Steph Curry holds no ill will for Kevin Durant even though the lanky, sweet-shooting forward decided to leave the Golden State Warriors and join the Brooklyn Nets this offseason after winning two championships with the Dubs.

Janie McCauley of The Association Press wrote Curry understands what Durant is going through with all the “scrutiny” and “criticism”, adding that “you’ve got to be happy” about the former Oklahoma City Thunder’s decision to find a new home.

“With the demand every single night to be great and just all that that comes with, in terms of the media attention, the scrutiny, the criticism, the praise even, it’s a lot to handle. And I think me and him especially on that level could connect,” Curry said. 

“Him going to Brooklyn, you’re just trying to make sure he’s happy and going to a place where he feels like he needs to be. At the end of the day, you’ve got to be happy about that for him,” the Golden State star added.

Curry also believes that the time he spent with Durant helped him and the new Net to become “better players and better people”.

“We won two championships and I think we both got better throughout the process as basketball players and as people,” Curry said.

Curry also thinks that he and Durant will one day look fondly on how they accomplished so much in their time together.

“I’ll always remember the three years we had. We’ll probably be back here down the road celebrating those like they did the ’74-75 team,” Curry said, nodding in the direction of the Warriors’ recent championship banners, according to McCauley. “It’ll be cool when that happens.”

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