Solar Entertainment to shut down BTV, NBA Premium in October

by Court Side, September 25, 2019 1:36pm

Solar Entertainment Corporation announced on Wednesday that it will be shutting down the airing of Basketball TV (BTV) and NBA Premium TV in the country starting October 1 through its @BTVHoops Twitter account.

According to the advisory, the content creator and television network operator will stop their operations of their two basketball-centric channels following the expiration of their contract with the NBA on September 30.

"Solar Entertainment Corporation will shut down the airing of the channels BTV and NBA Premium TV as the contract with NBA expires this September 30, 2019."

BTV was first launched as Solar's main basketball platform in October of 2006 while NBA Premium TV was first introduced in the country in 2010 as part of the local broadcaster's partnership with NBA TV.

"We are still awaiting an announcement from the NBA on where you can view the 2019-20 NBA Season on TV," added the company in their social media post.

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